Pastel Paintings          Pebbles, Shells and                

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Two Guineafowl Feathers


Dove Feathers


Pheasant Feathers

Pigeon Feathers


Four Guineafowl Feathers


Pebbles, Shells and a Fossil


Pebbles on Shaded Paper

Just Pebbles (SOLD)

Feathers on Beach Pebbles

Pebbles (SOLD)

Two Feathers, Four Pebbles (SOLD)

Three Shells

Pebbles and Shells on Black

Pebbles and Shells (SOLD)

Pebbles, Shells and Three Feathers (SOLD)

Pebbles and Shells from Hastings (SOLD)

Pebbles with Shells (NFS)

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Pheasant Feather (I)

Pheasant Feather (II)

Pheasant Feather (III)

Guineafowl Feather (I)


Guineafowl Feather (II)

Jay Feather

Bluebell Hen Feather